..She took the time not only to understand me but to understand the needs of my clients, which was super important to me. She’s a beacon of positive energy and support, and I’m just really glad that I took the leap of faith and made this well-worth-it investment because now I have a stunning website that I absolutely adore and I didn’t have to go through a ton of frustration and anxiety to get there...She saved me a ton of frustration, a ton of anxiety, and it was worth every penny. My website is beautiful, I love it and I’m so excited to share it with the world!
— Heather Dressel, Health Coach, Divinely Sensitive
Website updates can be a challenge to refresh especially as one approaches two decades as a business. Collaborating with Elné Pretorius on a website change allowed for a new perspective. It was terrific to have her as another eye on the site. Owning my own business all these years on my own, I tended to do everything myself. What a revelation to have Elné view my visual collateral and suggest placement and use that I would have never considered. The energy around the changes inspired by Elné has made such an impact in my business. I have met my goals for the year and inquiries continue to come through the site. The feedback I am receiving about my messaging is exactly what I had hoped and reflects who I am, my business, and vision perfectly.
— Rebecca Luke | Film & Fashion Stylist | NYC
I greatly appreciated your thorough and clear communications throughout the process.
— Trace Feng | MIMA Music | Virginia
Not only did she execute the vision that I had in my head, Elné went beyond my expectations of what my own company could be. She created a new dream for me to see.
— Julian Velez, Managing Director | AIE Collective | NYC
Elné and her team imagines the future, with you at the centre, and then create it. If you want a sharply put together project, championing the good every step of the way, you’ve come to the right place.
— Aldie Creative | D&AD Judge and Creative Director | London