It’s the ever so glorious Pantone Color of the Year for 2019. That’s right, we have a few more months left to ride the wave of pink beauty with no fear of judgement from the design world!


ServeCreate’s founder is a redhead and turns into this exact color if you leave her out in the sun for too long, which just goes to show how deeply we consider your brand narrative when we work on your websites and campaigns .


Salmon is a very healthy fish food, so one could argue that by looking at this color for extended periods of time, one gets very well-nourished. Do you feel those nutrients enter your mind space as you go through our content? Nothing has ever been more real. If you’re vegetarian, you also benefit, which just shows how much we love everyone!



Our main focus as an agency is to serve those who bring more light to this world through their coaching services. Mindset matters in our industry, and we want to help spread the goodness of the ones we love serving. We keep a close eye on trends in the coaching industry to serve from a focused and grounded place, and provide you with tips and techniques to keep rocking it on your journey.

Welcome to the ServeCreate blog, where we talk about mindset matters (because is does).