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…if it’s not instant,

does your customer service really exist?

Of course it does, but in the age of short attention spans and instant gratification, businesses that don’t invest in online customer support feel the effects in their sales and credibility.

We see this often. A customer visits a site, browses the FAQ’s, doesn’t find the answer they’re looking for, so they submit a ticket to the site, asking their question. By the time the team answers in the form of an email, the answer gets lost between hundreds of other emails.

But what if the customer can submit a question to the friendly chatbot that uses machine learning to answer questions and even adapt the tone of voice of the business, and either instantly finds an answer, or nurtures the customer in a sequence of messages that helps them remain patient during the information sourcing process.

What if you’re the one waking up to a sale your chatbot made while you and your team were sleeping?