Leading from [self] love

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I work with a remarkably talented SEO specialist who inspires me every time we speak. I wish that for every business owner out there - that you love yourself enough to choose to build a team that not only gets the important work in your business done but who inspires and encourages you through it all. My colleague and I were talking about work on a Friday afternoon. She still had a long night ahead of her and had to work the entire weekend too.

I seriously don’t know anyone else who can do as much as she does, so I suggested she take some time for herself, you know, I gave her the “get a massage”, “take a bubble bath”, “some self-love won’t hurt” advice that I myself rarely ever take and get a little annoyed by when other people tell me the same thing. Her reply surprised me enough to write a post about it and to reevaluate how I approach caring for myself in the context of my business.

She started telling me how two months ago everyone was giving her crap about working too hard, urging her to take time off and spend it with friends and family, and to take some “me time”. She said the problem was that on Monday she started her week out stressed because she took a break when she knew she had more work to get done after she fell behind. She also couldn’t be fully present for her time with family and friends. She decided instead to get the work done because she could then start her week from a  fresh place and be back on her feet.

To her working is self-care because it relaxes her more when everything is up to date.

I’m not saying work constantly and over weekends now and forever, but I want to suggest that opening the spreadsheet and facing your finances, replying to the email that’s a week old and you’re embarrassed to only get to it now, saving for your taxes properly, paying invoices as soon as you get them, managing client expectations and then exceeding them, fleshing out standard operating procedures to make things easier to manage for future you, etc. = self-love

Self-Love-You is a pretty great person to get to know. Here’s a snippet of the results you can expect:

self-love-you = greater-customer-service-you

self-love-you = higher-value-creation-you

self-love-you = better-in-relationships-you

self-love-you = strong-leader-you

Elné Pretorius