Our story

After years of working in various industries - from cinema, screen acting and graphic design, to PR, marketing and online advertising - we came to identify that there is a particular emptiness right in the middle of all these exciting fields - the lack of human connection. Honestly, these are super-fast, sky-high-turnover industries that hardly pause between one job and the next. The rush can be exhilarating, but the price? Stress. Consistent and severe.


Our mission

The stress from working without meaningful connection and reflection gets you down. This is why ServeCreate came to be - we wanted to create an agency that offers excellence through three key drives:

To Serve -  to complement both the giver and the taker. We serve our clients by listening carefully to what they need and dream and to take time to reflect on our progress and work ethic. There’s a lot of dirty marketing out there, but our approach ensures we cut through the online clutter and do so with integrity as the driving force.

To Create  - ahh! To make order out of chaos - our favorite game! We create by sifting carefully through the many ideas of our clients and identify key insights that allow us to solve their problems accurately and creativity.

To connect -  to exchange - we get a rush from the value created when the hard work of new minds and hearts deliver successful solutions and powerful results.